What is Un\Cultured?

A YouTube Channel

Un\Cultured started as a way for me to be able to express the creative frustrations I've been dealing with, well my whole life. I felt motivated to make videos, and share the things I love with other people. Instead of just annoying my friends and loved ones constantly, I see this channel as an outlet - a personal approach to the video essay format, less about analysis and more about sharing the experience of media with anyone who watches.

You can find me on all social media as well, but YouTube is where I'm most prominent.

This Site

This website will act as a home for all of my online presence, as well as a place to hold supplementary material that doesn't necessarily belong on YouTube.

Any audio, written text, interviews, updates and anything that I can't fit in a video for whatever reason will end up here, primarily in the "Blog" section.


I love you, and I'd love to hear from you. Never hesitate to reach out for any reason. Have a great day.